Ep. 6: Green Room – Horror Movie Review

We’re back! Again! We’re so glad to be talking horror movies (and TV) with y’all again! This time we’re reviewing a new horror movie out of 2016, Green Room. We heard a lot about this movie from several top 10 or top 5 horror movie lists for 2016, and decided we had to give it a go! We give a non-spoiler general recommendation first for those who haven’t seen the movie, and then dive headlong into a full spoiler review afterwards. Don’t worry, we’ve completed it with our classic “what would you do?” and “real life story” sections as well!

What did you think about the movie? Let’s talk!
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Ep. 4: Oculus Horror Movie Review

We’ve got a super special episode this week for you guys as we review Oculus with our guests Ashley and Brandon! This has been our favorite episode yet between all the interesting conversation about what actually happened in this movie, and all the laughs from what actually happened while we were recording this podcast! I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!